Friday, April 10, 2009

The Explosion

I had big plans for this blog.... but between teaching, pregnancy, and the birth of our sweet baby girl it was put to the wayside.

Now that I have a smidgen of free time during the week I am hoping to re-enter the blogging world.

The Explosion

Being a mommy requires you to wear many hats. Nurse, circus clown, dry cleaner, janitor...the list goes on. Yesterday morning I felt like a worker at a toxic waste site. Every Wednesday and Thursday you will find us girls at my parent's house. I teach music lessons in the evenings and my mom will watch the baby for me. Both Addy and I had just had our breakfast (well for Addy it was her 2nd breakfast) and I was playing with my baby girl attempting to hear that beautiful little giggle that bring such joy to my heart. I guess I was wiggling her around a bit too much because in a moment I was covered in spit-up. Fast forward a few minutes later: Mommy is in a new outfit (always bring extra!) and I decide to give Addy a much needed bath. Bath is ready and as I remove her diaper.....*squirt* Great! Now the bed and the baby are soaked! I quickly rip off the sheets to keep it from soaking the mattress and then get the wiggling, now-naked baby into the tub. Cleanliness here we come! (or so I thought)Within a minute of putting her in the tub I start to see bubbles. Not to concerned, just gas right? WRONG! She pooped! GROSS!

After the tub was cleaned out, the baby bathed, dressed and happy I just sat with my re-heated mug of coffee and had a good laugh.

I love being a mommy.

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Beverly said...

Yes! These are the greatest moments. I've run into so many people lately as I struggle to get around with my two little ones who have said, "enjoy every moment - its so hard, but trust me, you'll miss it later." So for now, we just have to laugh - like you did -and make sure we have a change of clothes!

I'm so glad you are once again blogging!! And I too enjoy the weekly times we share - just us girls!